A Diverse Interdisciplinary Group Of Speakers

We have assembled an internationally renowned group of leaders that represent all stakeholders who are involved in regenerative medicine.

Chris Duma, MD View bio +

Chris Duma, MD

Newport Beach, CA


JosephPurita MD View bio +

Joseph Purita, MD

Boca Raton, FL

Orthopedic Surgery

Kotoro Yoshimura, MD View bio +

Kotaro Yoshimura, MD

Tochigi, Japan

Plastic Surgery

Frank Shallenburger, MD View bio +

Frank Shallenburger, MD

Carson City, NV

Emergency Medicine

Mark Berman, MD View bio +

Mark Berman, MD

Beverly Hills, CA

ENT/Cosmetic Surgery

Heeyoung Lee, MD View bio +

Heeyoung Lee, MD

Seoul, Korea

Plastic Surgery

Bruce Bunnell, PhD View bio +

Bruce Bunnell, PhD

Denton, TX

Stem Cell Scientist

Ahmed Al Qahtani-PhD View bio +

Ahmed Al Qahtani, PhD

Dubai, UAE


Joseph M. Raffaele, MD View bio +

Joseph M. Raffaele, MD

New York, NY

Age Management

Tom Grogan, MD View bio +

Tom Grogan, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Orthopedic Surgery

Jack Zamora, MD View bio +

Jack Zamora, MD

Denver, CO

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon

Alan Bauman, MD View bio +

Alan Bauman, MD

Boca Raton, FL

Hair Restoration

Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD View bio +

Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD

Seattle, WA


Vassily Ellipolis, MD View bio +

Vassily Ellipolis, MD

Boulder, CO

Emergency Medicine

Sunny Kim, MD View bio +

Sunny Kim, MD

Cedar Rapids, IA

Pain Management

Bill Johnson, MD View bio +

Bill Johnson, MD

Dallas, TX

Internal Medicine

Mark Ghalili, DO View bio +

Mark Ghalili, DO"

Beverly Hills, CA

Internal Medicine

Greg Chernoff, MD View bio +

Greg Chernoff, MD

Indianapolis, IN

Plastic Surgeon

Ducan Ross, PhD View bio +

Duncan Ross, PhD

Miramar, FL


Elliot Lander, MD View bio +

Elliot Lander, MD

Rancho Mirage, CA


John Feller, MD View bio +

John Feller, MD

Indian Wells, CA


Harry Adelson ND View bio +

Harry Adelson, ND

Park City, UT

Naturopathic Medicine

Kristen Comella, PhD View bio +

Kristen Comella, PhD

Sunrise, FL

Chief Science Officer, US Stem Cell

Eray Copcu, MD View bio +

Eray Copcu, MD

Istanbul, Turkey

Plastic Surgeon

Joy Kong MD View bio +

Joy Kong, MD

Los Angeles, CA


Elena Rusyn MD, PhD View bio +

Elena Rusyn, MD, PhD

Los Angeles, CA


Nathan Bryan, PhD View bio +

Nathan Bryan, PhD

Houston, TX

Professor of Molecular Medicine, Nitric Oxide

Walter O’Brien, MD View bio +

Walter O’Brien, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Orthopedic Surgeon

Tom Hecker, MD View bio +

Tom Hecker, MD

Fort Collins, CO

Sports & Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Dan Olesnicky View bio +

Dr. Dan Olesnick

Rancho Mirage, California

Emergency Medicine

Tom Grogran, MD View bio +

Tom Grogran, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Orthopedic Surgery

Joseph Cleaver , MD View bio +

Joseph Cleaver , MD

Dallas, Texas